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    • Oh, Kay.
      Thanks for nominating me. ;_; the meaning of Liebster is so sweet.
      I will post about Liebster Award Nomination by tonight!
      고마워용. ㅠㅠ

      참. 근데 포스트 내용 중에.

      끔이 이다면 절대 포기하지마라
      -> 꿈이 있다면 절대 포기하지 마라.

      늘, 언제나, 정말로 고마워요.
      김현중은 우연으로라도 마주친 적이 없어서 이야기 해 줄 것이 없어요.
      다만 우리결혼했어요 영상파일 보내줄 수 있어요!, if you want. ^^

    • Kay-
      I haven’t got many followers or bloggers I follow.
      I think it would take some time to nominate 5 or more bloggers.
      Thus, I would have to postpone to write a post about the award.
      Hope to post it soon. :)

      • I understand :) its no problem!!

      • Thanks. I will tell you when I post it. :)

    • Kelley Comfort said:

      I want to leave a review of the book I ordered and how it came so quickly. It was wrapped very well. I’m so happy! Where do I write a review? I couldn’t understand where or how to post one. ;.;

  1. 안녕 하세요! I already made a book review of the book I received from you in my blog.

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