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Finally it feels like SUMMER here. :)

We had early vacance last year and we go for a vacance this summer again. (꺄아~~~)

We won’t be able to respond or ship orders during June 23 to July 11.

Orders placed by June 18 could be shipped before we leave.

Please send us a email for the urgent requests. (

For the missing shipments on previous orders, please contact to your regional post office first.

(This is the fastest way to find your package.)

We appreciate on your understanding and hope you all have a good day-




오랜만에 글 남깁니다.

As you noticed, we stopped doing our lucky draw for about 2 weeks.

Since last December, we hardly get reviews from our lucky draw winners.

Also we have noticed that some of the applicants applied on several lucky draws regardless level of the book.

Some of the applicants did not give us url of their blog/FB/twitter so we were not able to check whether they fulfilled condition of applicant.


In this regards,

we hope not to be strict on our lucky draw applicants but we may have to do.

Our new lucky draw would be started when we collect all the reviews from our lucky draw winners.

We haven’t sent any email to our winners yet about the review.

We would start to send emails tomorrow. (Hopefully get the reviews soon)



약속 하신 거니까,

꼭 지켜주시길 부탁드립니다.


In April,

we are planning to update books especially on reading material (novels, essays, elementary school textbooks, comic books, …, etc.).

Hope you all like our new selection.


Have a lovely night & day!

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오늘은 3·1절(삼일절)입니다.

일본 식민지배하에서 대한독립을 외친 유관순 열사 외 우리 선조들의 뜻을 기리기 위한 날입니다.

두산백과 사전에 따르면,

3·1절 [三一節]

919년 3월 1일, 한민족이 일본의 식민통치에 항거하고, 독립선언서를 발표하여 한국의 독립 의사를 세계 만방에 알린 날을 기념하는 날.

매년 이맘 때가 되면 전국에서 수천명의 사람들이 만세운동을 재현하기도 합니다.

특히, 유관순 열사와 같은 나이인 18살 소녀들의 참가가 두드러집니다.

* To commemorate, many of Koreans including 18-year-old girls (same age as Yu Gwan Soon) participate flag parade at various places.



가정에서는 집집마다 태극기를 달아서 삼일절을 기념하기도 해요.

기회가 되신다면, 도보행진에 참여해보시는 것도 좋을 것 같아요. :)

For readers who speaks english…

The Samil Movement came as a result of the repressive nature of colonial occupation under the military rule of the Japanese Empire following 1905, and the “Fourteen Points” outlining the right of national “self-determination” proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference in January 1919. After hearing news of Wilson’s speech, Korean students studying in Tokyo published a statement demanding freedom from colonial rule.

On march 1st in the year 1919, 33 brave activists gathered in Seoul to cry out against Japan’s oppressive rule of the Korean Peninsula. They formed the core of the Samil Movement by signing and reading aloud the Korean Declaration of Independence. The proclamation provided a catalytic momentum for the Korean Independence Movement, that would eventually include the participation of some 2 million people nationwide. Japanese authorities worked to regain tight control, by acting with brutality. They finally put down the movement 12 months later, resulting in about 7,000 people killed and 16,000 wounded according to Korean figures. Among those that died was 18-year-old Yu Gwan-soon. She was one of the leaders of her town in Chungnam. Her strong passion and conviction inspired many to join the independence rallies. Although the March 1st movement didn’t bring an end to Japan’s occupation of Korea, it was significant in strengthening national unity, leading to the birth in Shanghai of the Korean Provisional Government, and drawing attention from around the world.




서울대학교 한국어 시리즈가 새롭게 출간되었습니다.

SNU NEW Korean Series are published and previews are available on our store now.

한국어 1A,1B, 2A,2B,5A,5B are currently available.

Levle 6 is planned to be published in 2014 and level 3 and 4 are going to be published in 2015.

Japanese and Chinese versions of level 1 and 2 are in the progress of making it.

Please have a look. :)


One of our customers shared her shopping experience with us. Thank you so much!! :)

Yours Truly.

This is officially the first time I bought my Korean books online from Twochois, recommended by hangukdrama not long ago.

So here’s a short review of my experience shopping with them.

First off, Twochois have a variety of Korean books available for you to purchase on their online store. Mostly are good Korean learning language books from some well-known universities in Korea such as Yonsei, SNU, Sogang. It includes plenty of other resourceful language books, so it’s a pretty good shopping site for Korean language learners who wish to buy different language books from different authors and publishers. Besides, if you are interested in other languages like Japanese, Chinese or etc, they have books in those languages available for you in their site too!

(tips: it’s always a bonus to improve your Korean language not just by one book alone or through books alone! You can always read news in…

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너도 보이지.

오리나무 잎사귀에 흩어져 앉아

바람에 몸 흔들며 춤추는 달이.


너도 들리지.

시냇물에 반짝반짝 은부스러기

흘러가며 조잘거리는 달의 노래가.


그래도 그래도

너는 모른다.

둥그런 저 달을 온통 네 품에

안겨주고 싶어하는

나의 마음은.


** 너무 아름다운 시라 가져와봤어요.

“고향의 봄” 이라는 노래를 작사하신 이원수라는 분이 지은 시에요.