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주군의 태양, 다들 보고 있으신가요?


‘아… 저 목걸이 나오겠는데~’ 라고 생각했는데, 정말 나왔네요! 하하하하

It’s cheaper than I estimated.


It has bracelet too.

If you wish to get this one, use our special order service. :)



Did you know that also accepts special/personal orders too?

If you haven’t heard of it, today is the day you would get to know about our Special Order System. :)

1. What is Special Order?

– proudly introduce our “Special Order” service to our customers.

This is customized order for individual customer.

Things only available to purchase inside of South Korea can be yours!

We order goods on behalf of our customers and send them to their home/office.

2. What can I order via Special Order?

– Basically anything you want to buy from Korea.

* food, cosmetics are not available to ship outside of Korea due to quarantine issue.
** We only accept special orders on legal and official goods.

3. How can I place my order then?

  • Find the item.

We recommend you to visit online shopping malls of Korea through Google Chrome and use translation function.

  • Submit the “Special order request” on our store.

Information you need to include: name of the product, brand, size, color, photo, etc.
One of our staffs would write a reply regarding your request.

  • Find your name at “Special order category” and Pay!

If the item is available to purchase, your requested item would be seen on the category with your name on it.

Then, wait until the product arrives at your home!

4. How much do I pay?

Price of special orders are configured as follow…

Total payment = primary payment + accompanying payment

1. Primary payment = original price of the item + domestic shipping fee

2. Accompanying payment = International shipping fee + Service fee* + gift wrapping(upon customer’s need)

* Service fee is 15% of the original price of the item.
However, items under $100, $15 of minimum service fee would be applied.
Service fee includes payment transaction fee.

**Any customs and duties are not included in the final cost.
Each customer has responsibility on any customs and duties that may occur.
Please contact to your national customs office regarding any of possible taxes.

Prices would be calculated in US Dollar.(We apply buying $ exchange rate of the day)
We accept paypal and credit cards through paypal system.
(Customers who does not have paypal account can pay by their credit cards.)

5. How do you ship my items?

We ship via Airmail, EMS, DHL, and FEDEX.

* Orders over $100 cannot be shipped by airmail.

** Insurance fee is free up to $500 per order on EMS.

*** If customer does not specify shipping method,we ship through EMS.

6. Would you recommend some Korean e-commerce stores?


Please refer the sites below.

1. Department store

Shinsegae Mall:




2. Official site of Brands



Bean Pole:






Mandarina Duck:


Lucky chouette:

Steve J & Yoni P:

Magarin fingers:

3. Official site of K-pop Stars

YG Entertainment:

CJES Entertainment:

SM Entertainment: currently not available

FNC Entertainment:

DSP Entertainment:

Cube Entertainment:

4. Idea products


10 by 10: http://www.10×

Try our Special Order Service today. :)

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