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One of our customers shared her shopping experience with us. Thank you so much!! :)

Yours Truly.

This is officially the first time I bought my Korean books online from Twochois, recommended by hangukdrama not long ago.

So here’s a short review of my experience shopping with them.

First off, Twochois have a variety of Korean books available for you to purchase on their online store. Mostly are good Korean learning language books from some well-known universities in Korea such as Yonsei, SNU, Sogang. It includes plenty of other resourceful language books, so it’s a pretty good shopping site for Korean language learners who wish to buy different language books from different authors and publishers. Besides, if you are interested in other languages like Japanese, Chinese or etc, they have books in those languages available for you in their site too!

(tips: it’s always a bonus to improve your Korean language not just by one book alone or through books alone! You can always read news in…

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Thanks for sharing shopping experience with us. :)

JoeunJinsei| 좋은人生

I’m so happy. :DDDD


My post office derped and was supposed to just leave it at my door yesterday, but they put it back on the truck and drove around with it saying they’ll stop by again in the evening JUST to put it back in the post office and tell me to pick it up in the morning. SO I got up early today and went straight to the office with mom for that package. I’ve been stalking it through trace-trace and USPS because I was so happy to finally order these books that I’ve always wanted.

OH! A great note I want to make about twoChois for anyone who’s new to them (or just anyone in general). You know how you’ll order something that’s supposed to be brand new and when you open…

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One of our customers posted a review on flashcards with Korean idioms based on four character hanja. Please check this out. :)


Basic information:
What: flashcards with Korean idioms based on four character hanja
How many: 580 cards
Number of characters used: no less than 2000
Size of each card: 73mm x 52mm
Language: Korean only (한글/한자)

ISBN: 978-89-6809-008-0

Publishing house: 손바닥공간 (
Publisher: 김성태
First published: 20 April 2013

Purchased from: twoChois
Specific link: click here to be directed to the site for the flashcards specifically.
Price: 20,000 원/ $20

Customs information:
Customs category: book.
Even though they are flashcards, in Korea, these types of cards are considered books (thank you to twoChois for letting me know this) and many students use them to revise for their hanja exams.

When I ordered I was a little worried about getting my parcel through customs since “playing cards” are taxed when imported into the EU, and when you add customs tax, handling fees, and regular VAT, it could add up to quite an…

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