[Book Review] 초등한자쓰기노트 Level 3 (Elementary Hanja Writing Note Level 3)

Here’s the book review of 초등 한자쓰기노트 Level 3. Thanks for the detailed review. :)

Pinay jubu in Korea

First and foremost, I would like to thank Twochois.com for the 초등한자쓰기노트 Level 3 book they sent last January. I’m the 33rd winner of Twochois.com’s Lucky Book Review Draw. Supposedly, I should have posted a book review a month after receiving the book but I failed to do so. I’m very sorry Twochois.com I didn’t make it up to the deadline.

Before I start my book review, I would like to explain why it took few months to post this review. First, I kept on procrastinating for the first two weeks after receving the book. I also didn’t keep the study time schedule that I set for studying this hanja book.

Second, I actually used and studied the whole book because I want to give an honest and good book review. I wanted to share to others on my experience on using this book. I just didn’t like to open…

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