About lucky draw.


오랜만에 글 남깁니다.

As you noticed, we stopped doing our lucky draw for about 2 weeks.

Since last December, we hardly get reviews from our lucky draw winners.

Also we have noticed that some of the applicants applied on several lucky draws regardless level of the book.

Some of the applicants did not give us url of their blog/FB/twitter so we were not able to check whether they fulfilled condition of applicant.


In this regards,

we hope not to be strict on our lucky draw applicants but we may have to do.

Our new lucky draw would be started when we collect all the reviews from our lucky draw winners.

We haven’t sent any email to our winners yet about the review.

We would start to send emails tomorrow. (Hopefully get the reviews soon)



약속 하신 거니까,

꼭 지켜주시길 부탁드립니다.


In April,

we are planning to update books especially on reading material (novels, essays, elementary school textbooks, comic books, …, etc.).

Hope you all like our new selection.


Have a lovely night & day!

  1. Sorry one of the no-review winners here. will get it done by the end of April. Really sorry. It has been on my mind always.

    • 기억해주셔서 감사합니다. Will be waiting. :)

  2. I hope the winners will really make time to review the book they received. Looking forward to your upcoming selection of Korean books. I giggled when you mentioned Elementary school textbooks just because I received 국어 읽기 3,4, 5, 6 from my Korean language partner. It is so much fun to read!

  3. Dusk said:

    I’m one of the no-review winners, too, and I’m sorry! I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the week.

    • 감사합니다. :) 기다리고 있을게요.

  4. pyon said:

    I’ll be looking forward to the new selection of books!

  5. Korean textbook review Lucky draw is one of the interesting programs that motivate us to study Korean. Through the reviews, we can also know many good books for studying. I hope that TwoChois will receive the reviews from the winners and restart the lucky draw program soon. ^^

    • hyemie said:

      Yes, you’re right !! I discovered Twochois through those reviews and thanks to some reviews including yours about the books I should try to start the serious business which is preparing for the TOPIK :D

  6. I can’t wait for the next lucky draw. Have been wanting to participate in it but kept missing them! Hopefully the next book will be 중급 or 고급~ Hwaiting (:

  7. hyemie said:

    Oh I hope you’ll receive all the review and reconsider bringing that event back T.T

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