Twochois lucky draw – 열린 한국어

Here’s the review of 열린 한국어 Elementary level 1 by one of our winners. 감사합니다.

So seoul


I am the winner of the 37th lucky draw and this is the review of 열린 한국어.

First thing to know that book has 8 chapters and contains a CD. It is pretty thin since it has a bit less than 200 pages.


The book start with an explanation of how the textbook works.

wpid-CAM00704.jpgAll chapter are same. They start by introducing you the grammar that you will see later in the chapter. This is followed by the reading text (also available on the CD). In the end of it, you got two small comprehension question and few word that you might not know.

wpid-CAM00706.jpgAfter the text the book introduce you some korean words. I like it cause it is really intuitive. They usually gave you pictures and word to match up and it is up to you to do it well.

wpid-CAM00707.jpgwpid-CAM00708.jpgwpid-CAM00716.jpgFinally you reach the grammar part. I…

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