[Topik grammar book review] 빨리 간단하게 공부하는 한국어 문법 – 토픽 중급

Check the book review of 빨리 간단하게 배우는 한국어 문잡 – 토픽 중급 written by our 34th winner. :)


Hello, I am the 34th winner of twoChois Book Review Lucky Draw. I won the book called빨리 간단하게 공부하는 한국어 문법 – 토픽 중급 (Quick & Simple Learning Way of Korean Grammar TOPIK intermediate level ). This is the first time I have won a lucky draw, so I feel very excited. Maybe because of the Lunar New Year holiday, it took one month to deliver the package through airmail. Anyway, I feel extremely grateful to TwoChois for sending this gift. Besides the book, TwoChois is very considerate to send the magazine 1st Look. My heart almost stopped beating when I saw Kim Woo-bin who played the role of Choi Young-do in the famous drama “The Heirs.” Twochois also gave me a handwritten note and a business card. They are really warm-hearted and kind.


And now, after reading the book carefully, here is my review.

The cover of the book빨리…

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