[39th Lucky Draw] The winner is….


Before we announce the winner, we feel sorry that we cannot hold 40th Lucky Draw this week.

We have sent books but we have received only a few reviews.

We decided to take a week off and get some ideas on this matter.

(** Please send us reviews..T-T)


anyways, let’s find out the winner!

** Person who got 당첨! is the winner. (This random picker is called 사다리타기)

The winner!! -> Please send us details of shipping information to us. :)

Thanks for applying for the Lucky draw.

Hope you all have a great day and hope you could win next time. :)

와 주셔서 감사합니다.

다들 행복한 하루 보내세요-

Next lucky draw would be posted soon.

** Some of the winners do not send us email with shipping info.

The person may not check our posts.T-T

In this case, we would redo the lucky draw if the winner does not send us shipping info within a month.

We do not notify. If you do not check, your luck would go away.

The person who won but did not send us shipping info within a month won’t be able to apply for other lucky draws permanently.

  1. pyon said:

    Congratulations to the winner! I hope he/she will write a review to keep the lucky draw going…

    As for the others who didn’t write reviews, maybe they’re planning to write when they are done with their books?
    I bought two books from twochois on Dec last year and I plan to review them when I’m done with them.

    • We hope they would do. We would continue lucky draw however we might need to have some time to restart it. :)

      • pyon said:

        Wow…you are generous. Thank you!

  2. Korean Vitamin said:

    I’m sorry to hear there won’t be another lucky draw but 39 book giveaways is waaay too generous. Nobody does that! It has been fun for me to know there are many different Korean language textbooks with different approaches published in Korea. So thank you. I was just thinking… the textbooks could be too difficult for the winners who fail to send a review. Or they probably have quit learning Korean because many people do quit.

    • We would continue lucky draw but we might need a bit of time to think about the system. In early days, most of the winners wrote detailed reviews and they kept time in most cases. But these days not… We see people continuously applying for lucky draw for about 10 times regardless the level of the books. There is no other way that we could check their level so we are in kind of dilemma. 어렵네요… 어제는 서울대 한국어의 새 책들이 도착했고 이화한국어도 리뷰 이벤트를 할 예정인데 리뷰가 올라오지 않으면 저희도 출판사쪽에 미안한 상황이되어 곤란해요. ㅠ_ㅠ 어떻게 하면 좋을런지……..oh it’s so difficult. Thanks for the opinion though.

      • Yes! Agreed! I always notice intermediate Korean learners participating in elementary level books. I am quite upset not winning any elementary books to help me learning :( Anyway Twochois, you’re great! Let’s hope all winners and participants be more responsible about their winning:)

      • We are thinking about to set some rules. We wish not to make lucky draw difficult but we may have to…
        New lucky draw would be start in April. :)

  3. Giyarti said:

    i just check the 39th lucky draw winner announcement….. is it really me ???? >.< then.. how i tell you my address? via fb message ?

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