[Apply Now] The 38th Book Review Lucky Draw Begins.


이제부터 월요일에 만나는 럭키드로우입니다.

벌써 38번째네요!

이번주 책은 와우! 한국어 1-2 입니다.

This week’s book is suitable for upper elementary level who can understand sentences written in Korean.

The book is all written in Korean only.

Book Info.


와우 한국어 1-2

292 Pages / Size: 210x297mm / ISBN : 978-89-6292-433-6

All written in Korean

** Table of contents
CHAPTER 01 선생님께서는 무엇을 하십니까?
CHAPTER 02 요즘 무엇을 하세요?
CHAPTER 03 지금 무엇을 하고 있어요?
CHAPTER 04 어떤 사람이 좋아요?
CHAPTER 05 어제 받은 선물이 뭐예요?
CHAPTER 06 더 오실 분은 몇 분이세요?
CHAPTER 07 뭘 사러 가요?
CHAPTER 08 내가 골라 줄까요?
CHAPTER 09 같이 갈래요?
CHAPTER 10 에버랜드에 가려고 준비하고 있어요?
CHAPTER 11 어제 왜 학교에 못 왔어요?
CHAPTER 12 바쁘니까 시켜 먹을까요?
CHAPTER 13 난방기를 켜도 돼요?
CHAPTER 14 닭볶음탕 먹어 봤어요?
CHAPTER 15 무인도에서 뭘 하면 좋겠어요?
CHAPTER 16 책을 빌리려면 어떻게 해야 해요?
CHAPTER 17 이번 시험을 잘 볼까요?
CHAPTER 18 시험을 잘 볼 것 같아요?
CHAPTER 19 둔산동에 있군요?

** Preview images were not provided.
Please refer the images of Wow! Korean 1-2.
The winner, please provide us some pictures when you post a review. :)

5_copy__34976.1385302728.1280.1280 6_copy__51561.1385302733.1280.1280

How can I apply for Book review lucky draw?

1. Liking us on our Facebook page.

2. Leave a reply to this post with the address of your active blog or Facebook.

3. Share this post on your blog or Facebook.

When do you announce the winner of the lucky draw?

The winner of the lucky draw would be announced on the coming Tuesday.

As soon as the winner gives us shipping information, we ship the book right away.

After shipment, we will send a tracking number to the winner.

The winner is responsible to write a review(with photos) on our store and winner’s blog within a month after receiving the book.

The winner cannot apply for other Book Review Lucky Draws to give more opportunities to others.

Thanks for your understanding. :)

** Books used for this Lucky Draw is sponsored by 박이정출판사.

Why hesitate?

Apply it now – :)

See more books written by 박이정출판사 on our store.


  1. Zwolk said:

    Reblogged this on Zwolk and commented:
    Wow, another lucky draw. This one is a little bit mysterious since there are no preview images. However, it is suitable for upper-beginners and from the contents listed in the index you can make an idea of the elements covered by the book.

  2. Zohreh said:

    I will, but not now! the first ones have never won!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • twochois said:

      그랬나요? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 그랬군요..!

  3. marianela said:

    Yo tb quiero…저는 색를 싶어여….

    • twochois said:

      Thanks for applying. Would you give us your FB or Blog that shared our post please? 응모해주셔서 감사합니다. 포스팅을 공유하신 페이스북이나 블로그의 주소를 남겨주세요. 감사합니다.

      • As we haven’t got any reply from you, you were not included in this lucky draw. Please try again.

  4. Giyarti said:

    i think im already join 15 times. And hope will win this time. Hwaitingggg!

  5. Liza said:

    This is like my 10th or more? When will the odds be in my favor? :-)

  6. Giyarti said:

    btw i shared with fb kkekeke~

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