Book Review “Master Korean 1-1 Basic (English Version)” by Darakwon

Here’s book review on “Master Korean 1-1 English version” written by one of our winners. Check this out! :)


Before giving a review of this book, first I must say a big thanks to TwoChois who have held a giveaway on their blog. Thank God I was selected to be the winner for the 21st Lucky Draw (I myself did not think could be a winner). Not long after the announcement of the winner, I send my identity, and they were very quick in responding my e-mail.

Once the book is sent on October 22nd 2013, they give me the track number via e-mail. Oh god, I was so excited, every day I track my package on website given. After waiting 11 days, I received a package from the postman on November 2nd 2013.

This is the appearance of the package when I received itImage.

Simple box. There are the identity of the sender, recipient identity, and postal delivery information, without any logo stuff or something. I love…

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