[Apply Now] The 26th Book Review Lucky Draw Begins.


포스팅이 너무 늦어져서 죄송해요.

이번에도 예림아이의 전래동화 시리즈에서 골라봤어요.

스물 여섯 번째 Lucky Draw도 많은 관심 부탁드려요- >_<

The book is suitable for upper intermediate to advanced level learners.

All written in Korean and it contains audio CD.

Book Info.


토끼의 간

ISBN: 9788965671848  /  27 pages  / Size : 190 x 220 mm

This book is from “Little Classic Book” Series published by 예림아이.

This series contains 20 Korean fairytale(전래동화) stories and each book has audio CD in it.

However, books are all written in Korean and originally written for Korean children(age 4~7).

Suitable for upper intermediate to advanced learners.

Great and affordable series as reading material. :)

** Preview images of the book. (Click the image to see bigger size)

Check out more preview images on our store. :)
– if you cannot see bigger preview images than images above, please let us know.
 ** Try QR code and listen 30 sec of audio CD. (Click 30초 미리 듣기)
스크린샷 2013-11-14 오후 12.38.32

How can I apply for Book review lucky draw?

1. Liking us on our Facebook page.

2. Leave a reply to this post with the address of your active blog or Facebook.

3. Share this post on your blog or Facebook.

When do you announce the winner of the lucky draw?

The winner of the lucky draw would be announced on the coming Tuesday.

As soon as the winner gives us shipping information, we ship the book right away.

After shipment, we will send a tracking number to the winner.

The winner is responsible to write a review(with photos) on our store and winner’s blog within a month after receiving the book.

The winner cannot apply for other Book Review Lucky Draws to give more opportunities to others.

Thanks for your understanding. :)

** Books used for this Lucky Draw is sponsored by 예림아이.

Why hesitate?

Apply it now – :)

See more books written by 예림아이 on our store.


  1. Liked and shared on my blog^^


    • sorry I didnt read that it was advanced korean. I withdraw myself from the contest.

      • twochois said:

        We’ve seen your comment but we forgot when we run 사다리타기. So you were actually in..; Fortunately(?) you were not the one this time. Hope you to win next time. :)

  2. sarahz78 said:

    Liked and shared on Facebook! :)
    Blog: lifeinminutes.wordpress.com
    FB: facebook.com/sarahz78

  3. GiyaRti said:

    Try another chance hehe
    hope will lucky.. I want to get Korean Book because next year i will join EPS TOPIK :)

    oh..almost forget, im using mobile, so its not to clear to watch the winner picker T.T hope you will announced the Winner’s name too, i mean through the Twochois status on fb. Thank you before

  4. GiyaRti said:

    sorry >.< i forget my fb's link

  5. Korean Vitamin said:

    Reblogged this on Korean Vitamin and commented:
    Get Korean picture book 토끼의 간 (The Rabbit’s Liver) with audio CD from twoChois Lucky Draw this week! ###

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