[Coming soon] 이화한국어(Ewha Korean) preview images.


다들 잘 지내고 있으신가요~~~

저희는 추석이라, 고향인 부산에 내려와 있답니다. :)

이번 주는 택배 물량이 많아서, 배송이 되지 않아서 여러가지 책을 올리려고 생각 중이에요.

Did everybody understand? (I hope you all did..)


we received preview images from Ewha Press.( 꺅~ 여러분 덕분이에요!!)

They sent us preview images of student book from Level 1-1 to Level 4.

Other levels are in the process of making.

We would soon upload images on our store right after Chu Seok.


another good news.

We found a fairytale book series has audio CD with quite cheap price.($7)

흥부와 놀부 (리틀클래식북 교과서 전래 동화 1)

흥부와 놀부 (리틀클래식북 교과서 전래 동화 1) (Audio CD) $7

Also found fairytale books without audio CD.($5) – suitable for upper elementary to intermediate level.

장화신은 고양이

장화신은 고양이 $5

We would upload these as well.

We are so excited to introduce new books we have found to you. :)

Hope you like those!



행복하고 즐거운 하루 보내세요-



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