It has arrived!!! Yayy! ^^

One of our lucky draw winners received the book. :)

I study Korean

안녕하세요! 오래간만입니다! :)

Hiiii! It’s been a loooong time without any new post, sorry ^^ I was on a trip, and I have just return, and you know what?

Look what was waiting for me in my room ….. yay!!!! ^^

the fantastic package that 2chois sent me for wining the 11th lucky draw,  언니 고마워요!!! :)


So I opened it in a rush, and what a big surprise when I saw 안녕하세요 한국어1! and also the tabloid newspaper “High cut”!  :DDD

and what makes them one of the best online shop on the internet, a personal handwritten-note, they are soooo freakin cute !!!  ^o^!


I can’t wait to begin studying it!!! (And to post a review)

I was taking a look, and even though I’m not a native speaker of Mandarin, I think my chinese skills are pretty neat :) and almost could understand everything I read!

So, I…

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