[12th Lucky Draw] The winner is….

Oh, it’s SUPER HOT here.

너무 더워요!!!!

Hope to be somewhere cool. >_<


let’s find out the winner!

The winner!! -> Please send us details of shipping information to us. :)

As soon as we receive the shipping info, we ship it right away.

Thanks for applying for the Lucky draw.

Hope you all have a great day and hope you could win next time. :)

와 주셔서 감사합니다.

다들 행복한 하루 보내세요-

Next lucky draw would be posted soon.

  1. The video is private… I’m nervous even if I’m certain I didn’t win. LOL.

    • oh, is it? sorry for that. We would fix it right away.

  2. prashanthaku said:

    Reblogged this on Prash learns Korean and commented:
    I WON! Finally! I WON!!!!

    I actually visited twochois website today in the afternoon for a different reason and I noticed that
    they put [12th Lucky Draw] winner video but I didn’t check it because my name didn’t appear clearly
    in the screenshot of the video and also I thought I might have applied for a previous lucky draw and
    not this one.

    Just now, my good friend, fellow Korean learner from philippines, Karla (http://noshortcutstokorean.wordpress.com/)
    contacted me on Skype saying that I won.

    I haven’t been actively learning Korean for more than 3 months now, as I have too much stuff to do on my hands.
    But, it seems like, winning this book, is one more reason for me to resume my Korean learning.

    Thank you very much twochois! I hope I’ll start studying from the book as soon as I receive it and do a reivew
    as soon as possible. I hope my laziness and busyness with other stuff doesn’t delay it.

    • twochois said:

      To receive the book, please send us your mailing address to our email. :)

      • prashanthaku said:

        Thank you very much. I will send my mailing address now.

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