Korean Word Game App 끝말잇기

Try 한국어 끝말잇기 by playing Android app “즐거운 끝말잇기”.
It would help you to improve your vocaburary skill. :)


I think the most of you know this kind of game. 끝말잇기 is a korean word game. In Japanese it’s called ‘Shiritori’. The first player starts with a random word and the next player must reply with a word starting with the final syllable of the first players word. We also played this game in German in elementary school ^^
예) 아기 – 기차 – 차별 – 별로 …

I found 끝말잇기 as an app! ^^ This app is called 즐거운 끝말잇기

The app is entirely in korean. But I think it’s not that difficult to navigate through.
You play this game with a roboter

What I really like is that there is a vocabulary list! haha So you can search for vocabs but not during the game. 

So this is how it looks when you play 끝말잇기. But the time is limited! If you’re thinking too long you lost the game.


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