[Lucky Draw Book!] Sogang Book 1A Review + 1A Workbook

Here’s the review on 서강한국어 1A from our lucky draw winner. :)

Bliss Of Korea

(Finally) I’m writing my first book review! wpid-0805131323.jpg I won the Lucky Draw from TwoChois and got the Songang Korean 1A textbook and workbook! It also came with this mini student book for grammar and Vocabulary! The textbook and the workbook also came with audio cd’s. wpid-0805131326a.jpgwpid-0805131326b.jpgwpid-0805131326.jpg Since this is the first book in the series, they give you a (very brief) introduction to hangul.  This book DOES NOT teach you the different letters ; it only gives you help with the pronunciation of vowels. So if you’re thinking about getting this book then make sure you know all the letters and their meaning! Each section in the textbook gives you dialogues, writing questions, reading and speaking lessons, and key vocabulary and expressions. I like how the beginning of each chapter gives you activities/games to do with groups of people for memorizing and learning the vocab/grammar/etc. On top of all of this…

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