[BOOK] 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법2 | Korean Grammar for Foreigners 2

Checkout the review on 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법2 written by 국립국어원. Very detailed. :)


DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that this review is not very reliable since the book is advanced and I’m still at this level where I may not understand about more than 75% of the book. And as always… skip the blurbs if you want to proceed to the review.

I don’t know why, but whenever I read ‘____이라고 합니다’ through about me’s and 자기소개s, I go dumbfounded.

There are two points to that first sentence. I didn’t put ” ” before and after the sentence because I don’t want it to appear like a “quotation” or something *boooooring*….. sooo (1) I never tried looking for its meaning (or… yeah once)… though I know that _____ is your name, but why not use ‘_____입니다’ instead? I mean (2) it’s complicating. I never heard that kind of introduction from anywhere else yet, or may not have noticed it, but… *fails at explaining*.


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