Review: Complete Guide to the TOPIK – Basic [Darakwon] [twoChois Lucky Draw]

Another lucky draw winner posted a review on [Complete Guide to the TOPIK Basic].


Goodness that was a long title…

Ah, where to start? Oh! Disclaimer: I haven’t taken the TOPIK before so that’s the POV this review will be written on.

Brief Overview:

Overall, I really like this TOPIK guide. It gives you a solid idea of how the test is broken down, what you are expected to know, and what types of questions will be asked. Everything is written clearly and has a simple color scheme therefore there isn’t too much going on in one page to make you go, “HELP @.@” There are explanations on sections and questions throughout the book, however, they are not enough for you to completely learn something new. You may get better understandings of things, but it will mainly review what it expects you to know. They inform you without making things too easy.

WARNING: Before using this book, do a good bit of studying on…

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