Book review: 100 Korean proverbs/sayings

One of our customers posted a review on 100 Korean proverbs/sayings (유행어보다 재치있는 우리 100대 속담). Please visit and find out about pros and cons of the book before you buying it. :)


Basic details:
Title: 유행어보다 재치있는 우리 100대 속담

Level: intermediate

ISBN: 978-89-15-08079-9
Publishing house: Samsung Books (삼성출판사)
Number of stories: 100 – one per proverb

Price: 12,000 원 / $12
Purchased from: twoChois
Click here to be directed to the book on twoChois

Weight: 710 g


Why buy this book?
Proverbs are important in a language, and they help one understand the people who use them. Learning a language without ever learning any of the proverbs associated with it makes for a language learner who may know the words used, but not the meaning behind them in the given context.

I remember when learning Italian, we also had to look at proverbs. One day we were asked to go home and find some Italian proverbs and sayings as preparation for a class. One that I found roughly went “if you steal a little you go to jail, if you…

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