Hu~~ Just got the vogue with G-dragon at cover.

I read an article about the Vogue is coming out with three different covers of G-dragon and I got one.


This cover is kind of “must buy” so it became “hard to get”.
We wish to sell it on our store but the weight is over 2kg with two other books.
The magazine itself is like 1.2kg. (Shipping weight would be 1.6kg)
If there is anyone wants to buy, come and shop at our store. :) (Direct link to the product)

However the cover in nude may not stay long.
Fans are heading to this one and it may not be easy to get soon.

** Read articles and other photos.
The theme is “Seoul” and other photos are fantastic.
Think it is worth to buy if you love fashion and G-dragon.
(It also has Korean traditional ones and I do love those. )

Lucky draw would be posted in about 2 hours. ^^
Oh, there’s more at the cover!



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