[Review] 서강 한국어 쓰기1 (Academic Purpose)

Check the book review on “서강 한국어 쓰기 for academic purpose” written by one of the lucky draw winners. :)

여름밤 바람

Okay, so finally here’s the long overdue review.  I wanted to do it last weekend, but the weather was just unbearably hot (we had a terrible smoky haze, and it made everything hot and smoky, and everyone got sick) so I just made up excuses in my head and watched youtube videos all weekend instead.

So it’s this weekend now, here goes! My review of 서강 한국어 쓰기1 (Academic Purpose). First things first, I’ve never done a book review before so if I miss out any details, or am not clear enough, leave a comment or a question, and I’ll try my best to answer you :)  Also note that I have flipped through the book, but have not worked on any of the exercises.


Product Description:
No. of pages: 218
Size: 210mm x 275mm (slightly shorter than A4 size)
Weight: 0.7kg
ISBN-13: 9788992491716 14710 / 9788992491723…

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