[6.28~7.14] We are on a vacation.


As we announced, we go on a vacation for about 2 weeks.

During this period,

special orders cannot be placed and orders cannot be shipped.

As soon as we return, orders would be processed.

We do not bring iPad so kakaotalk won’t be answered.

We are sorry for any inconvenience you might have.

Special gifts would be sent with any order during this period for our small compensation for you.

Please don’t leave us, we are going to come back. T_T

Lucky draw would be held from July 16th.

Hope you all have great days-

금방 올게요!!!

Thanks for your understanding. :)

  1. Korean Vitamin said:

    다녀오세요. (^^)/~~~

    • 네- 잘 다녀올게요. 감사합니당~

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