[Lucky Draw] The winner of 5th Lucky draw..

Sorry for the delay..

Let’s find out the winner. :)

The winner!! -> Please send us details of shipping information to us. :)

As soon as we receive the shipping info, we ship it right away.

Thanks for applying for the Lucky draw.

Hope you could win next time. :)

6th Lucky draw would be posted soon.


** Sorry for the low quality of the screen shot. We tried new recorder.

We would use better on next time. :)

  1. 케쓰 said:

    축하해요, nicol 씨! ^^ I got 다음에 again. :)) It’s alright, I’ll just try and try again! :)

    • Oh..Sorry for that..Hope you could win next time!

      • 케쓰 said:

        괜찮아요 ^^ 네, 고마워요~

  2. Ah. I definitely didn’t see this…and I can hardly read it. Guessing I won by your comment? And where do I give you the shipping details? Thank you!

  3. Reblogged this on Be Unique and commented:
    Oh wow! I actually won the lucky draw to get a book to help my Korean learning. I’m really excited now. ^.^

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