Language variable option has been added.


How have you been doing?

In Seoul, we had rain for 2 days and then hot weather started again.

We finally added language variable option on books published by Sogang, Ewha, and Yonsei university.

Some of the books published by those universities have English version(as default), Japanese version, Chinese version, and Spanish version.

Thus, we made the language option!

You can easily choose your prefered language at product detailed page.

Yonsei Korean and Ewha Korea have 3 language versions (English, Japanese, Chinese) from 1A to 3B level.



Sogang Korean is basically written in Korean and English, however, the supplement is available in various languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Spanish(only 1A and 1B).

Japanese version supplement is available in all levels.

As the Book already contains English version, customers buy one more supplement book on their need.

When you choose language, price and weight would be re-calculated on Sogang books.


If you were waiting for the book in your language, this is time to visit our store.

** Default language is “English”.

Let’s go and See Ewha Books.

Let’s go and View Sogang Books.

Let’s meet the Yonsei Books.


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