[Lucky Draw] The winner of the 2nd round is…..


we announce our 2nd winner of the Lucky Draw.

The winner!! -> Please send us details of shipping information to us. (Click here!)

As soon as we receive the shipping info, we ship it right away.

Thanks for applying for the Lucky draw.

Hope you could win next time. :)

3rd Lucky draw would be posted tomorrow.

모두들 고맙습니다-


  1. Congrats to Azalea Choi.I enjoy watching how the winner is being picked.

  2. It’s me? Really?
    Whuaa~ I’m happy kkk~
    But, is it free shipping?
    Without paying anything?

    • Yes. Of course it is free shipping. :) We send it by airmail. All you need to do is posting a review in a month after receiving the book. Please send us your mail address to the email. twochois@twochois.com.

      • Jeongmal Gamsahamnida ^^
        I’ve sent my adress to your e-mail :)

      • We have received email from you. We will give you the tracking number after dispatching. 감사합니다. 리뷰 꼭 남겨주세요.

      • Sure ^^
        Ne! I’ll review it right after i get the book :)

      • You don’t need to hurry. Please have a enough time to use the book then give us / post the review. :) 감사합니다.

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