Preview pages of All Sogang Korean Series are now available.



드디어! 서강한국어 시리즈의 미리보기 파일이 모두 업로드 되었습니다.

Finally! We have uploaded preview pages of Sogang Korean Series.

책 구매를 망설이고 있으시다면, 지금 당장! 미리보기를 통해 책을 만나보세요. :)

If you are hesitating buying books, meet the book through preview pages right now! :)

Let’s go to see preview pages.

** If you cannot see bigger images than images below from our preview pages,
please contact us immediately.

How to see preview pages.

1. Click the product you want to see preview pages.

2. Hover the mouse over the small image to zoom in.

3. Click the image to see bigger image.

** Product image size is flexible according to the size of the browser.
However if you cannot see full-sized image as you expected,
please capture the image and send us.

Sample previews of Sogang Korean Student’s Book 1A

SGSB1A01 copy SGSB1A02 copy SGSB1A03 copy SGSB1A04 copy

  1. Thank you so much!!!
    By the way, could you tell me how to zoom the review pages??

    • Hi. We have uploaded video clip on “How to see preview images.”
      You could see bigger images when you click the image.
      If you wish to zoom , hover the mouse over the image. :)

      • Thank you for your consideration. I really love your service ^^

      • Thank you. 감사합니다. *^ㅡ^*

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