[Apply Now] 2nd Book Review Lucky Draw Begins!


다들 잘 지내셨나요?

제 1 회 Lucky Draw에 많은 관심을 보내주셔서 감사합니다.

오늘부터 진행되는 두 번째 Lucky Draw도 많은 관심 부탁드려요- >_<

Book Info.

Arirang 2

Arirang Korean Basics 2
Author : Seoul National University Language Institute Book page : 224 pages Supplement : Audio CD
ISBN-10: 8959957631  ISBN-13: 9788959957637

About This Book
• Contents originally aired on ” Let’s Speak Korean ” for Arirang TV.

• Korean grammar explained in an easy, friendly manner.

• 65 units (Unit 66 through Unit 130) on topics ranging from ” Have you caught a cold?, ” ” Do you have any engagements weekend? ” and ” It will be a while until I’m done. ” to ” It will be a while until I’m done., ” ” Will the weather be nice tomorrow, too?, ” and ” Thank you for teaching me all this time.”

• Each chapter focuses on simple, actual conversational phrases from daily life.

• The ‘More Expressions’ section in each chapter gives you extra hints for real situations.

• ‘Korean Insight’, a section included in each chapter, makes learning about Korean culture fun and easy.

Book Series
– Arirang Korean Basics 1
– Arirang Korean Basics 2

** Preview images

 Preview 1
Preview 2
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How can I apply for Book review lucky draw?

1. Liking us on our Facebook page.

2. Leave a reply to this post with the address of your active blog.

3. Share this post on your blog OR Facebook.


When do you announce the winner of the lucky draw?

The winner of the lucky draw would be announced on next Tuesday right after the closing lucky draw around midnight.

As soon as the winner gives us shipping information, we ship the book right away.

After shipment, we will send a tracking number to the winner.

The winner is responsible to write a review(with photos) on our store and winner’s blog within a month after receiving the book.

The winner cannot apply for other Book Review Lucky Draws to give more opportunities to others.

Thanks for your understanding. :)

** Books used for this Lucky Draw is sponsored by DARAKWON.


Why hesitate?

Apply it now –  :)

See more books written by DARAKWON on our store. 


  1. admin said:

    Reblogged this on Korean Vitamin and commented:
    Don’t miss this chance! ###

  2. This looks like a good book :D shared on Facebook page :) 화이팅 ㅋㅋㅋ

    • 고마워요. Thank you Kay. You can join if you wish. :)

      • I will be joining :) 호호호

      • ㅋㅋㅋ 알겠어요. 행운을 빌어요~

    • 아자! 아자! 화이팅!!! ^^
      FYI: 화이팅-> fighting
      it’s strange in English but we use the word “fighting” :)

  3. prashanthaku said:

    Reblogging this on my blog here: http://prashlearnskorean.wordpress.com and will also share it in our facebook group (“Indian Korean Learners Group”) and also on our facebook page (“Learning Korean in India”)

    Thank you for conducting this lucky draw!

  4. prashanthaku said:

    Reblogged this on Prash learns Korean and commented:
    Let’s check my luck! Thanks ‘twochois’ for conducting this lucky draw! :)

    • Thank you for joining. 행운을 빌어요-

  5. Neha said:

    wow. A chance to win a korean textbook. Liked and shared.

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