[Seoul] Seoul National University – Gangnam-gu Korean Language Center

Seoul National University – Gangnam-gu Korean Language Center (http://www.gnucr.org/front/programs/Korean)

The Korean Language Program represents a cooperation between three organizations-the Gangnam district office, Seoul National University, and GNUCR International Education Center. The program was established in 2007 in order to attend to the growing need for Korean language instruction in Seoul.Students can take the same quality classes and receive the same excellent instruction of Seoul National University instructors without having to leave the area of Gangnam.

Schedule for the 2010-2012 academic year (10 weeks per session)

Session Course Duration Enrollment Deadline Interview &
Placement Test
Spring 2013 Mar. 4 ~ May. 8 Mar. 4 Feb. 25(Mon)
Summer 2013 June. 3 ~ Aug. 7 June. 3 May. 27(Mon)
Fall 2013 Sep. 2 ~ Nov. 9 Sep. 2 Aug. 26(Mon)
Winter 2013 Dec. 2 ~ Feb. 12 Dec. 2 Nov. 25(Mon)

Late applications are accepted on occasion. Classes fill up quickly, so please check with the center regarding availability.

Class Hours

Monday / Wednesday Class 6:30 p.m.-8:20 p.m. (40 hours per session)

Tuition : 300,000 won
Classes are provided at two levels of proficiency with an average enrollment of twelve per class.

Mailing Address/Contact Information

– Location: Gangnam UC-Riverside International Education Center 8 Samsung-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-090
– Tel: 02-546-3260
– Fax: 02-546-4405
– Email: gnucr2@gmail.com
– Homepage:http://www.gnucr.org


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