[Seoul] Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center

Korea University Korean Language and Culture Center (http://klcc.korea.ac.kr/)

The Korean Language and Culture Center (KLCC) affiliated with the Institute of Foreign Language Studies at Korea University is a Korean language and culture education provider which was established on March 1, 1986 with an aim to promote Korean language and culture in line with the ever growing status of Korea in the international community. Since its establishment, some 25,000 foreign nationals as well as overseas Koreans have participated in KLCC’s Korean language and culture programs, and currently KLCC is receiving some 3,000 students every year.

KLCC offers a systematic curriculum that accommodates various needs of learners, distinguished faculty who are specializing in Korean language education, textbooks and teaching materials tailored to specific linguistic features of Korean, effective and most up-to-date teaching methodology, and friendly and caring atmosphere. The excellence of KLCC programs has been already known to a number of countries via word-of-mouth, as former students recommend KLCC to others.

With the start of the new millennium, KLCC is making renewed efforts to live up to its reputation as a leading Korean language education provider, by securing state-of-the-art teaching and learning environment and multimedia facilities, and by developing more effective teaching methodology and textbooks. KLCC is also dedicated to helping all its international students and overseas Koreans enjoy the process of learning Korean language and culture.

– KLCC provides Regular Korean Language Program and Special Korean Language Programs.

  • Regular program: 10 weeks / 20 hours per week / Mon – Fri (9:00 to 13:00) /
    Morning class: 1,580,000 won / Afternoon class:  1,220,000 won /
    Advanced Research Class: 1,340,000 won
  • Special programs:special program for Japanese students, summer school for teenagers, summer intensive program
    – Special program for Japanese students:  about 3 weeks/ 4 hours per day / Mon – Fri (9:00~13:00) /
    Tuition: 1,010,000 won (health insurance + application fee + tuition)
    * Room 390,000 won (Excluding meals)
    – Summer school for teenagers: a month (ex. 2013. 6/27~7/24) / 3 hours per day / Mon – Fri (9:00~12:00) /
    Tuition: USD 3,103( health insurance + application fee + tuition)
    Dormitory: USD 590 (no meals included)
    – Summer intensive program: a month (ex. 2013. 6/27~7/24) / 4 hours per day / Mon – Fri (9:00~13:00) /
    1,300,000 won (incl. application fee)
    * Dormitory 490,000 won (optional)

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